Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello world!

Oh, what a joy! I always feel great and enthusiastic whenever I have fresh start with something. The same was with tango. As the most of the beginners, when I started to learn to dance I had no idea what am I involving myself in to. I have no idea with this blog also.

Let me be honest: I love blogging and I love writing. Back in the 2005, when I opened my first blog, I was one of the few bloggers here in Macedonia. Together we felt we are making some kind of history. As long as writing is concerned, I have on my shoulders years and years of work as a journalist and editor of national daily newspapers. If I go back further, I loved to write poetry and reviews for poetry books for the student newspapers. I wrote for portals, worked as PR... And this makes me relaxed - I think I know how to do this and I can sit back and finally tell to the world all that I wanted to tell about tango for a long time.

Ah, I almost forgot... Only problem could be the fact that I never used to write in English. But I'll get use to it, and you will get use to my fifth-grade-pupil-english-level writing :) I hope I'll improve in time.

Before you begin to read this and follow this blog, I would warmly recommend to read the "Start here" or "About" page, where you can find some useful things that will give you proper introduction to what you are about to read. Enjoy!

I remember in the old days, when we used to open new blogs... the first ready-made post was named "Hello world"... well - Hello!

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