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I consider myself a milonguero. But, really, I am not. I try as much as it is possible to be a milonguero out of that exact historical and geographical context. In situation like this, only thing that I can do is to consider myself as a milonguero as a state of mind. Meaning, I try to feel what they felt, I try to know what they knew, I try to do what they've done... and of course - I try to dance how they danced. Milongueros from the Golden age of tango.

This blog is about this journey, about this incredible hard project to find out what tango is and how to find it out of Buenos Aires, out of that historical context; hard because the dance that Europeans call tango often has very distant resemblance to the traditional Argentinian tango.

Ah, yes... "Pocas palabras" stands for the famous Tanturi's song with the lovely tango poetry of Enrique Cadicamo

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