Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bringing order, or the story of my first tango manual "Tango and chaos"

Writing a website containing the word "chaos" in the title is probably writing about order. Considering something chaos or chaotic is having perspective of someone who demands order. So... what the site "Tango and chaos" is about? It is about bringing order. At least for me.

When I began to learn to dance, I could hardly find someone eloquent enough to call him my teacher. The very few experienced dancers here in Skopje were not willing enough, nor capable to teach me to dance (ofcourse they helped me the way they knew and I am thankfull). From this perspective, I am very happy that they were not: I found myself in a situation to teach myself, I went just to a few workshops and private classes with guests teachers, and after that I set my self on a crusade on internet: found loads of websites and watched tons of videos.

And yeah... I discovered "Tango and chaos". It brought order to my mind tortured with a lots of, sometimes totaly oposite, aproaches. After reading just a few pages, I knew I found what I wanted to find - the site guided me and I finaly understood why it was chaos in my head. Noone teaches the begginiers those things which you can find there, but they are the basic on what one should build - not watching videos of Chicho and Arce, not learning steps from Osvaldo Zotto and Mora Godoy...

This is why you can find "Tango and chaos" in the links on my sidebar. If tango means something for you, for God sake, pls read it. It will make things clearer for you.

The word "chaos" in the title is not about tango, perhaps - but it fits very good in the story I told here in this post.

The site author is an American guy - Rick McGarrey married to Argentinian Alejandra Todaro. Watch them dancing in Lo de Celia in Buenos Aires (Rick is bald tall guy with glasses). Notice: pls read the comments under the video - it is a very interesting topic for some of my next posts: how dangerous is to write openly and honestly about tango and why?

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