Thursday, September 11, 2014

Supermarket códigos

What a huge topic I am starting today! This is just the tip of the iceberg. I will start today with what I call "supermarket effect". Since about this topic I will talk in more posts in the future, I wont enter in detailed descriptions - just this: it is when men in milongas act like they are in the supermarket and they go around to pick up girls for dance as a customers with a basket, as girls are passive objects on the shelves. Said that, I want to notice - this practice has nothing to do with cabeceo.

I gave this short introduction just to prepare you - I was being sarcastic when I wrote those rules. I had to do it becouse many men really follow this list of instructions.

So, the "supermarket códigos":

1. man should stand when he invites. This way he shows that he is a man of action. No-one notices a sitting man. Sitting on your chair means you don't want to dance

2. men should move around to search for their favorite dancers. The organizer have to make possible for the men to invite from every point in the venue

3. if cabeceo from distance doesn't works, you never go directly to invite. Simply sit near to the lady (you probably know her from before) and talk to her. After five minutes chat she is ready to dance with you

4. be aware of the inviting points. Milongas usually have inviting points, standing there around other men who go there to invite means you are available, ladies usually looks towards inviting points. When you are standing at the inviting point try to be in the front row, this increases your chances

5. it is always good to have a lots of ladies friends with whom you dance. Your social skills are the key factor in arranging dances, we dance social tango don't we?

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